Welcome to my world, slave boys and girls. Are you ready to explore your deepest and darkest fantasies with me? As you read my words, imagine me above you, looking down at you, deep into your eyes... Feel the weight of my body on top of you... making you nice and hard and wet... making your body shake and tremble... Feel the heat of my body and my weight against you.. my power surrounding you... Do you desire to be trained to be my perfect pet? Crave discipline and rewards? Yearn to be treated like the slut and piece of meat you are? Desire to belong to me and be used and controlled by me? I know you do...and I know what you need... (sexy evil smile)

I am a life style and professional Domina.

I desire sincere and honest submissive men and women to contact me for training. I also welcome Dom/sub couples to assist in the slave spouse's training.

I offer sessions to those who desire to explore power exchange and their fantasies in a safe sane and consentual manner. I also have a real life slave girl who is available to join our sessions and is also available for private use and sessions. In addition, I welcome Mistresses to contact me if you would like me to join a session or if you would like to join one of mine. I also realize there are people who have certain fetishes and I am open to exploring those which I also enjoy.

It is your turn to email me a sincere letter, telling me about your submissive fantasies, your limits and your experiences. If you include your phone number and the best times for me to return your call, then I will be happy to get in touch with you. Because there are pranksters, I do not accept private callers. If you MUST call me privately, then you can use my niteflirt website and call me that way.

Looking forward to your surrender...

For first contact, please email me a sincere letter.