Meeting a sexy woman and she takes you to her car and lets you sit in the passenger seat beside her...

You have no idea where she will take you, but her voice is soft, sexy and commanding...
In fact, the sound of her voice makes you hard and lick your lips imagining what her lips must taste like.

She is in COMPLETE CONTROL of know deep inside you are fortunate to have caught her attention; the more submissive and compliant you are towards her, the wetter she will be and the more she will desire your surrender and sincere service to her.

You arrive at her domain..she leads you down into her dungeon.


You are ordered to completely strip in front of her... erotic music plays in the background and there are candles and incense...and.... toys and contraptions and devices you have never seen before... how exciting!

You don't know what will happen to you she will explore your mind and she will use you for her pleasure... what will happen next to you...all you know: she is sexy and competent; you know in your heart you can trust her -- let go and surrender.

And most of all you realize your surrender will be delicious and rewarding, and you will feel relaxed and connected to an amazing woman.

If you are a submissive man or woman who desires to serve a safe, sane life style and professional Mistress, you have permission to email me with a sincere letterdescribing your fantasies.

Your limits will be respected and safety a priority.
I am extremely sensual and love what I do and ONLY desire to connect with sincere and honest submissive men and women.



Erotic humiliation, psychological domination vs. theatrical, various types of bondage, various types of anal training, medical, feminization/crossdressing, sensory deprivation and sensory overload, impact play, punching, breath play, sensual D/s to edge play. Safe, Sane and Consensual as well as Risk-Aware Consensual Kink. For more info on BDSM, please click here.